Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tech Email:


I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your papers, online postings and comments. Keep up the good work.


Dr. Asiedu


I received this email from one of my professors. I LOVE TECH. I love supportive professors. I am not writing this to be boastful, but proud of my hard work. I want to look back and remember that I was capable of applying myself and making a name for myself amongst my classes. I feel like being online it is hard to "shine" because I can not discuss things out loud in class. So it felt AMazIng to get this email. I like the thought that my work is strong enough to be enjoyable from a person with a doctrine. I know it's simple, but it gave me the extra push to get through these last few weeks! Thank you, Lord.

Best, ;)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Grown up people world

They make growing up sound so much fun... well I guess I do not know who they is. I just always assumed it would be super fun and exciting. Exciting it is, fun... sometimes... but I never knew about the tough times.

The tough times are having to say goodbye to people you love and letting them go.
It happens a lot in grown up people world:
-Moving Away

I have had my share of parting with loved ones and break-ups and hopefully for a while those moments have passed and I have come to terms with the grievances that went along with them. However, now I am faced with my best friend moving away.

She warned me. She always has, since we were 14. She is the adventurous and bold one out of the two of us, and I am the homebody who has dreams far closer to my roots. I actually think my dreams are intertwined with where I grew up. Her dream is beautiful and I consider mine to be also. I just wish they were the same places.

Megan, I am THRILLED for you. I know that this move for you is as big as me getting married. We are finally doing the things we laid on a trampoline and talked about as children. You are getting your dream, and I am super super happy for you. Yet, I would be lying to say that my heart does not beat a little bit faster when I think of you moving away. I know that distance can not affect our bond or take away any memories, but I know that it will change our relationship. Our new hang-outs will be on skype and not getting cussed by crazy craze people in Ruston's theater during a scary movie...or sitting on my porch swing...or camping out at Jennifer's. There will be trips though! Lots of trips...and maybe we can do oldschool letters from time to time. I'm just scared. I want you to chase your dreams, but I want you to keep our friendship close to your heart and we both have to not allow life and distance to change that. The Lord says lots of special things about friends, and I know you are the definition of one. Oh gosh, I am crying. What a baby am I?

Now, onto the next line of business. I have 1 month and 1 week of class left until I have completed all of my work for my undergrad. Then I will graduate. I can not believe I finally made it. I have said this all year, but it seems unreal. All of my dreams coming true. I am marrying the man I adore and love and graduating. Oh, God... You are so good to me! I can not wait to teach and to impact little lives and teach them the Word of God~~!!

I have a prayer request for a dear friend who's grandchild was born with illness. She prefers to keep it personal, but please please pray for the child and family.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. I always love this time of the year because I am reminded of the Lord's sacrifice and love for us and filled with the Spirit. I need to strive to have this joy all year round.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just so you know, I love you.

Those words showed up as a text at 10:01 p.m. Just when I think we're comfortable and the romance will slack off because often times relationships do that when life gets busy, he throws me a curve ball. He always tells me I love you, but the out of no-where just -so- you- know- text made my heart flutter as much as it did on our first date.

I loved our first date. I tried so hard to be pretty. I usually had a habit of acting a nervous fool on first dates, but not with him. I was myself. I laughed like myself and I enjoyed myself. I wish I could replay those moments in time to hear what we talked about. Basically, two strangers who had talked on the phone for a long time. I guess we were not strangers in that aspect.

Life is changing again, though Spring is a time for renewal in life, yet I am convinced it is a time for change. I found out that a friend who I've grown up with (in my 20's at least) is moving. I found that out today, and my heart felt sad. I know what moving is, it can not take friendship away, but it changes it just the same. She will ever be a part of my chapter of life no matter where the roads lead us.though. I pray for happy journeys for her and the man of her dreams though. Changes make me terribly sad, hard to describe oddly....even the good changes make me sad. I take a while to adjust. My whole life seems surreal here lately. When did my dreams that I have worked for and soul-searched for all start coming true??! Seriously, EVERYTHING that I have EVER prayed for is coming true. God had His timing for my life. I am so ever thankful for that. Again, His timing is better than anything I could have dreamed up.

I could still use prayers to guide me into this next step. I am searching for some stability. :) I have it in Travis, but the rest of my life seems to be going at 100 mph! :)

Love--Christina Gordon