Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He Answers Prayers!!

*Deep Breath*

Thank You Jesus! I made it through my Childhood Development Associate observation. My students did really well. I feel like so much pressure has been lifted off of me. Alicia helped me a bunch by helping me hold down our little fort of a classroom. Luckily, no one decided to fist fight so I feel confident. I also did well on the scenario part of my final last night. 19/20 Thank you God!! One written final left and a little work on my CDA binder and I'm home free for the Summer. :) :) :) I won't know how to feel with a paid summer, but I will tell you i'm taking full advantage of it. I'm going to get in touch with me again...write in my journal at home more...spend time with family.. stay up until 3 am watching t.v., swim with my new neighbor (who's been my friend for a long time Jessi!), be in Ana's wedding (wow we've been planning that since 7th grade), do church activicties, volunteer, sleeeeeep in, take Gracie to the park. I can't wait!! The beach is one month and 9 days away. Best Friend + Family= Best Family Time Ever! I'm hoping the beaches won't be black. It's a shame all of the wildlife and beaches that are being ruined by the oil pouring out. I am also keeping those 11 men in my prayers.

My cell phone's messed up--dropping it off to get fixed today. Note to self: Get an otter box for your iphone...bc when it barely drops... it kinda shatters the glass..and it's expensive.... lol I got my laptop back last night, and the resolution is messssed up on it. I tried fixing it, but it's not letting me...so I'm gonna have to figure that one out. Just glad it's not eaten up with viruses anymore. Mr. Doug was very sweet to help me with it, I just hope that we can get the screen kinks out of it. Sooo I'm probably about to drop my laptop back off...and my iphone is going in the shop.. sooo facebook and internet as I know it will be out of the question unless I rip the big ole desktop Betsy out who moves 1mph. That's not even worth the trouble. But It's ok. I think it's God's way of pulling me from the internet. The quiet time spent away from the computer can give me time to focus more on Him. It's probably is the way for God to put me back to a more healthy routine. It is o.k. to enjoy certain things, but not let our lives be centered around them.

I realized how much Gracie made my sister grow up recently. She has become such a mature adult, which Jennifer always was mature.. but her faith has grown so much in the past recent years. I can tell by the manner in which she lives her life and how she speaks His word so much more than her previous years. She never was "bad" or anything, but I think people can just tell when your relationship with God is close. I am proud to have a good role model like her. She's wonderful.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to vacation. It's a week where we are all living under the same roof again (like we were when we were younger). And we eat every meal together, laugh, play games, (probably bicker about nothing and get over it LOL), and just build memories for us to cherish. I find that memories are a precious precious gift God gives us. Sometimes, I can still remember the way my grandparents house smelled...or the time Grandma and I talked for hours on her couch while sipping the Welch's grape juice. I find that after someone passes I remember the smallest memories that didn't seem important at the time. But that's just it--EVERY MOMENT of your life is important. We have been given the ability to make others happy. We have been given the ability to change lives. It's our job to make a difference. It's our job to pray for those who need it most. God can hear one prayer and help make an amazing transformations in life. It takes 2 seconds. It's up to us if we choose to do so. I may not be perfect. I know I am not. But I do know one thing. God can make changes in your life that simply change you for the better. There is power and healing behind prayer. Remember if your prayers are not answered it is not in God's plan...because his plan for our lives is perfect.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).