Monday, May 14, 2012


I completed my last final with a 100, I would consider that a good way to go out sparkling like a firecracker. I feel super excited about graduation, but oddly sleepy. Things have been a little overwhelming lately with the changes in my life...graduation, job, wedding, best friend moving. I feel like my solid planted life is now "feather like". I just hope I land somewhere I am happy and not get stuck in a rough position. Actually, I know and THANK God ahead of time for leading me in a wonderful direction. I am waiting to hear about a position that I have wanted now for 3 years. I am prayerfully hoping I get it, but keeping my options open in case God has another plan. I have worked very hard to get there and it would almost be disappointing to not get it now, but again I am trying to stay positive because this waiting game could last up until July. Anyways, no long post, just wanted to commemorate the last day of my undergrad studies. I think graduation will make it feel a little more real.