Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love you for a thousand years

I almost feel like I had forgotten how to relax. This weekend I rediscovered the luxury of it though, and I am super thrilled about it. I have a movie on pause right now, "One Day". I plan on finishing it in a few minutes. I rearranged the living room for the hot season (couch blocks air conditioner unit in the winter.)

I have dove into the wedding planning this week. I question if I want to wear a long veil or a short one. The more I think about it the more a long veil calls my name. I don't know! It's so difficult deciding how I will remember the most important day of my life and what I want myself to look like.... At least I know I will like how my groom and my dress will look. I am thinking about booking our honeymoon cruise tomorrow. <3 The downfall is Thanksgiving will be spent on the open seas away from family. However, we can go all out for Christmas!!! Hopefully Carnival will have Turkey or Ham and some sort of dressing. If not I will like 007 some of my mom's. ;)

I only have 53 days of school work left and 57 days until I walk. I counted these all by hand. I like that I can count the numbers of days until I graduate. I tear up at the thought of finishing something that I started so long ago. School has been a journey for me and I have grown up with it. When I quit in 2008, it felt WRONG afterwards. I thought I would feel relief, but I really felt pain and confusion. I realize now God just wanted to steer my path of education a different way. Because of quitting school, I wound up at CCS where I found my love for kids. Oh, I am sure I have blogged this same story. Sorry. I just get overwhelmed thinking about how God shaped my path in life. I feel like all of the worst things in my life, were all the best things...the turn in my road that lead me to a better destination than I ever could have chosen for myself. Thank you, God. Thank you for driving my car and allowing me to be the passenger. Thank you for merging my road with Trav's and having scenic routes that say "College Graduate" "Teacher" "Happiness" on the side. Lord, I can never never never never thank you for leading me to these things that will allow me to make a difference in the world.

I've been thinking a lot about having children. I have never felt ready until now. I feel like Travis and I will be great parents and our house will be filled with love. We want to wait until we've been married about a year to start trying, but I'm sure God will make it happen whenever it was meant to happen. He has a way of changing my planned route in life for the better. I smile thinking about what it will be like to have a mini version of Travis and I put together. I ponder what he/she will look like and how they will light up our world.

However, first comes the marriage! I imagine the day of will go by so quickly, but I know I remember it for a lifetime. Someone chose ME to spend the rest of their life with. Travis LOVES ME and knows EVERYTHING about me (the good and the bad). How blessed am I that he still chooses me knowing all that ;). He is an amazing man and I know I am meant to be his wife. It feels right when we are around each other. It always has. I feel like I am with a family member or closest friend (like Meg) when he's around...but better because there is romance too!

Anyways, I am about to curl up and watch this movie. Enough blabbling for me.