Saturday, February 11, 2012

Waiting to Exhale

I found the title of the album that I am listening to appropriate... First of all, it's me digging through my childhood memories after the loss of Whitney Houston Saturday. Jennifer's first CD was the "Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack". So I still love all of the songs of Whitney's on there. I do not support her drug usage, but I do support the talent of her musical gift. I also support how music can bring you back to a certain time of your life. I can remember using our brand new cd player in our room to jam out. Every time a guy broke our hearts Jen and I would jam out to her music. I also chose the title, "Waiting to Exhale" because I feel like I am holding my breath to make it through school. I am just waiting to exhale and breathe regularly. I am ready to have a life. 97 days until I walk across the stage! I need to work on my invitations!! Megan took a pretty sweet picture I can use. I may do that to de-stress myself!

<3 On other news, Valentine's is coming up. I honestly think it's more of a day to remind single people they are single and I hate that there is a day that makes people feel lonely. I spent lots of Valentine's crying or feeling lonely, but remember this my friends the Lord has a plan. I like how JoAnna put it the other day, Valentine's day can be a day to express your love to EVERYONE you love, not just a significant other. I have no clue what I am getting Travis, I've got his card, but I like to get him something every year he can use (no guy wants a stuffed animal at 32). I am thankful for the love of God, Travis, my family, and my best friends. I sure am blessed.

I've done math all weekend. I've got my grade up to a 86%. I think I can handle that, because it's not looking any better! lol I never thought I'd say, "This B will have to do!" LOL, but with Math I can!! I have pushed my brain to limits I NEVER knew it could reach.

I found out I am teaching next year, super excited about that. I have learned from so many great teachers. I look forward to it. I will do lots of precious moments things in my room, I think?? I'm not sure yet.

Anyways sleep for me. Psychology test tomorrow followed by a little more math!

"When you have friends to wish you well, you'll find a point when you will exhale."--Whitney Houston