Sunday, September 18, 2016

Did I already know?

I was reading old posts on here and I actually wrote "My heart goes out to any mother who has to experience loss after they've heard their child's heartbeat". What are the odds that I said that, I question was God preparing my heart the whole time? I am never a believer of coincidences. For some updates, I ovulated on my own this month. Smiley face and all without medication. Woo hoo! No clomid needed, that's huge for me. I still cry a lot, but I try to focus on the future to meet John William or Allyson Ann. I'll raise them knowing our family has an angel. I one day want to help women who have faced infant loss, I am not healed enough yet, but it is a goal one day. I love you Ryleigh, and I'll try to make you proud to call me momma until we meet again.