Monday, March 18, 2013

What I am searching for now!

There is officially 4 hours until the date of my birth and at 11:42 a.m. I will have roamed this earth for twenty six wonderful years. These years have been filled with lots of ups and downs and each has proven to have an ultimate meaning. God sends us on these adventures of life that seems to make NO sense at all, but always make perfect sense in the long run. I pondered while reading back on this blog how much my life has changed just since then and if I changed that much in a few years--imagine how much I've changed in 26 years. I am thankful for the positive changes that I have made, and always hoping to continue to be better. I will never be perfect, but I hope honestly to make the world a more positive place. I know that sounds cheese ball mcgraw, but that is my ultimate dream in life (or so I have realized). My dream once was to fall in love with someone God made for me (done that, Thanks God!) My second dream was to teach (doing that, Thanks God)! & my last dream is to make a positive difference in the world (Thanks, God..I know you will help me). I love my birthday, but the reason I love my birthday the most is the time of reflection I have. It is a day that I give special thanks to Our God for my life, because so many people do not get to live this long. I am blessed to see another sunrise, another piece or paper work, and even to be vomited on at work. I am blessed to be pushed to new limits and to be picked up by my family and friends. I am blessed because I was given an opportunity to make someone smile, laugh, and learn. If this is all that life offered me, I will be content, but I am convinced that God has big plans for mine and Trav's life together. I claim in Jesus name that it will be a beautiful one, faced with trials (no doubt), but the bumps in life is apart of the beauty. If there were not bad days, there would be no lesson to learn, no room for growth, no reason to appreciate a good one. This God of ours, He knows what he is doing. I keep thinking, "MAN! THIS YEAR WAS AWESOME!" and it was. I have a classroom full of little bits (who already started their birthday surprises). I received an "I love you" card from one child today and bouquets full of "flowers" (weeds) and they were the most beautiful ever. I also got to marry the love of my life. I now see how much God gave me. I prayed to Him for the perfect man for me, and it was delivered. I know that sounds silly, but if people really knew how much I love Travis and knew how I feel like my soul is complete with him. He and I were made for one another and I honestly believe he betters me. My family--oh man oh man, my family! I love them. They are my best friends and my support system and I cherish every memory with them and love them dearly. I can not begin to tell you how close I am with them. :) :) I was the last in our group of 5, but you know what they say about last ;). HAHA I kid, but seriously... I am BLESSED... and I have amazing friends (lots actually), but some who have proven to stick around after years and years. So thankful for that! Oh and work, I love them all. I was given a wonderful compliment today by Brandi Ross and Mrs. Jenna today about seeing that I gave love and affection to my students. This was the best compliment of all, because I do try to love. I do try to have compassion, and it's nice that someone can see that light in me. I pray that I continue to shine light on children and people around me. Anyways, to sum it up--my searching years is now just searching for ways to make other lives better. Wish me luck! I plan on doing random acts of kindness today--26 of them. I hope I can spread a little love for the love I've been given.