Saturday, October 3, 2015

A different lifetime ago

Do you ever feel like we live multiple lives? Before you think I am skitzo, hear me out.

I feel like after looking at childhood photographs that was a different lifetime ago. As my ten year high school reunion comes up that feels like another lifetime. & as I saw an old acquaintance the other day from my college years, I was left pondering where does time go? I feel like the older I get the faster years go by and the past quickly becomes a distant memory.

Facebook often reminds me that some of the people I was the closest to are now mere strangers to me that I would congenially speak to in Walmart with a nod and a "How have you been!" It's funny how adulthood will do that to you.

Moving on from my reflections from the past. So I've learned that I am out of my new teacher phase. I find myself becoming more and more versed in educational practices and I enjoy being a collegue that others bounce ideas with. I feel like I manage our class well (with the help of Mrs. Jenna of course). There are days that I really see growth in learning and it makes me so happy!

Ok This is short and sweet night