Sunday, April 19, 2015


Graduation.... I can't believe in one month and 4 days I will be walking across the stage to receive my masters degree. Anyone who knows me knows what a long journey this has been. They will also know that I gave 110%. I say this not to be prideful, but honest. I have cried a lot over the last 3 year years and I have physically been ill worrying about assignments. I learned to function while being exhausted, but tried to do it with a smile. I have worked 40 hours a week and maintained a 4.0. I have missed family events and my husband lived off of Sonic for dinner a great deal. Yet, I made it.

I had a lot of times of doubt. There were a lot of tempting "I wish I could just quit" moments, but I persevered with the support of loved ones. An education is a very personal thing, no one can really understand the internal motivation it takes to complete assignments or study information. I believe I could have just "gotten by", but an education is what one makes of it. I really tried to learn a lot and because of that, I feel that I did learn a lot. I know in my heart that the work not only made me a better educator, but most all a better person. I have confidence in myself now, a confidence I lacked my first day of teaching.

I did some things wrong though, and I will be honest in saying so. Though I prayed a lot to keep me through school. (I literately would pray over every exam I took.) I did not put God as my number one priority, which will always be a regret. I was honestly busy, but I regret that I put so much effort into my schooling and not into my faith. I am thankful that I came to my senses after classes were over and have found myself back in church and active in Sunday school. I hope to one day remind my own children (if God is willing to give us some) to put God first and to not get too busy to center your life around your faith. I am thankful that He loves me even after I placed him on the backburner and I say that with tears. I am 100% positive that I have been so successful because God is using me for His ultimate plan. I feel it in me, I am meant to be a teacher, and sometimes I feel like I am made to be even more. I guess that will unfold in time.

I love Tech! I adore the university, and plan on being a life long supporter. The professors are amazing people, and I am so so thankful for the patience and knowledge they have given me over the years. Dr. McCoy, Dr. Manning, and Dr. Holmes will forever stick out in my mind as life changers. Dr. Basinger and Mrs. Gleason were also my rock with helping me get signed up for school and getting the right courses lined up. I just can not say enough good things! Oh and the friends I made, they are some pretty incredible people. Molly Hill, Jenny Bamburg, Kara Stephenson, Tanya Cottom, and Misty Flournoy will also be special to my heart as they were a huge part of my journey. Molly and I suffered through our E-Portfolio and TWS together and Jenny and Tanya were my 48 page research paper partners. Misty was my friend when I was "voted off the island" in science and social studies methods and Kara and I had the opportunity to get close in Dr. Manning's summer course. Together, my friends and I laughed and cried. I am very proud of them and all of my classmates!

This may all seem pointless to you, but now looking back at graduating high school 10 years ago, I realize how much I forget. I want to remember these moments. Tomorrow, I go and order my final teaching license. I am no longer teaching off a temporary teaching license. HOLLLLER!!! I am so excited. Special thanks to my husband, my family, Mrs. Chris Roberts (for giving me an opportunity to teach), Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Janet Holzhaurer, Deanna Remore, and last but most certainly not least Jennifer Matthews (my partner in crime who has been there for almost every melt down). I love you all so so much!