Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Memaw Gordon starts at 9 today. I woke up at 6ish though to prepare my body for that transition next week. I wish I was getting up for the beach!! LOL ;) I definetly need color. The older I get, I find that my teeny bopper priorities slip away. I would have never been this pasty in August years ago, but I prefer to hermit out of the heat now rather than bake in it. However, I still jam out to VH1,MTV, and CMT every morning just like high school and college. I'm excited about work though, I really love everyone I work with. I'm ready to meet the kiddies now.

I am determined to try to find a house to live in or at least something else. These college kids moving into the apartment complex make me feel old and stressed. They are rolling up with their brand new camaros and hummers and lining their beer bottles in front of their doors. Makes me feel like I live in a trashy place, and I don't. I just live on campus pratically. The other day "Hummer BOY" felt the need to take two parking spots with his "Daddy bought ride". So I rolled my window down and said, "Hey sweetie is that your ride?" He smiled that (Yeah i'm the coolest guy in the world smile) and said "yeah". I said "Really, learn how to drive it then, it doesnt take two parking spots buddy!!" See I felt so mean after that, I almost appologized, but Megan kept me from it. It's never bothered me much in the past, but again I think age is playing a factor. I used to be the creeper neighbor that loved dressing up and sitting on the porch watching the August move in's because I was convinced there was going to be "hot" neighbors. Now I don't want anyone looking at me and get annoyed by the move-in's because i'm usually perched in my dorky pj's on my lsu chair talking on the phone or something. The "Thursday" parties annoy me too. (See this is me sounding memawish). But really do they have to jam their techno boom boom music at midnight? I can't say that I was ever perfect (Praise God for bringing me to my senses), but I was always respectful of sound levels....and I promise you...there was never beer bottles lining my house. That's not decorations people...not little "ornaments" for your balcony.

Ok now that I sound like I belong on "Grumpy old women" I'm headed to go grab breakfast and head to work. I hope everyone has a good day. Love ya'll!!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer 2010

I have honestly had one of the best summers of my life. When people ask me "What'd you do?" I have no real "Adventures" to list besides the beach. But you know what?? I am learning lifes adventures are far from what I thought they were in my previous years. Adventures do not have to be far off destinations filled with a little danger. I have learned that every day of my life is an adventure filled with twists, turns, laughter, and tears. The adventure is not knowing what the next day will hold, but trusting God to know that no matter what I will be just fine in the end. The adventure is my life that he's created for me. The new people I meet, the joy, the sadness, the anger, the nervousness, the lonliness, laughter,'s all apart of my adventure of finding me. I guess I don't feel like I'm so much "Searching" for anything anymore, but enjoying the litle moments that will eventually create my story of life.

I have spent soo much time with my family the last few months (which does include Megan also). I am so blessed with a job that allows me that time to spend with them. I noticed I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do this year, but I spent more time living in the moment. This is one I think I'll cherish for years though. Our vacation was a memory of a lifetime, and I really enjoyed our time together. Mostly we do dinners and movie nights. Gracie and I are the best of buddies now. She loves her "Aunt Teen". I wish I could bundle up how cute she is when she "Fakes a fall" just so I say "OHHH MY ARE YOU OK??" Which she proudly giggles and says "I OK!!" . She's so dramatic with the falls....she sticks her hands straight out and wobbles a little squealing like she's scared.. falls..looks up...smiles... and if I don't say "Are you OK?" quickly enough she is like "TEEEEEN" to remind me to say it... haha Mom said she's taken it to a new level and when she says, "Are you Ok?" Gracie will say, "No, then giggle and say I OK!!!" I don't know if it'll be nearly as cute to write about as it is to see... but it's so neat to see her little personality coming out. She also fakes sneezing now, and we wind up saying "Bless you" 19 times. When we really do sneeze though she will hug us and say "Bwess you". It's honestly amazing. Hahaha and she's so good at obeying. One night I saw her chewing and I was like "AHH What is she chewing?!?!" And I said, "Gracie spit it in my hand really quickly!!" Bless her little heart she spit up a half chewed up piece of apple that her momma gave her (which I didn't know)..and what really broke my heart is when she dropped her head and said "Apple". Needless to say I was please she minded and got her more apple..but felt terrible for upsetting her! haha! I am such a proud aunt to see her grow, but my goodness I wish I could bottle her up as a baby for longer. Imagine, next summer, she'll be speaking big long sentences to me! WOW! I can honestly say I want children one day. I'm ready to settle down. I do not want to "rush into anything" but do feel like in my heart I'm ready for committment so I can start that adventure of my life. Most people my age aren't ready for that, but I am an old soul I guess. If that scares anyone away from me, that just means that is not who God intended me to be with.

It was also SUPER FUN being in Ana and Christopher's wedding. Ana's been in my life since 7th grade, and I was super happy when she met him in college. It's neat to see a relationship grow from the beginning to what will be forever. We had a blast dancing the night away. Seriously. I love them to pieces. When the wedding photos get posted to Make Moments I'll post some. Until then here's a peak into the fun. :

I also enjoyed Baton Rouge as a 2nd timer this year for work. It's nice getting to bond with the people I spend 9 months out of the year with. I even gave a presentation with a few of my collegues and gained the respect of well seasoned teachers. (ha some even asked for my email?!) That made me feel amazing seeing as I'm just a teacher's assistant that's in school. It gives me steam to continue to push through school and pursue my dreams.

I had a really good time hanging out with a new friend the other day. It's so nice to meet some people with morals and a personality. The world lacks this too often these days. I guess meeting new people is a good start to a new season. New person to add to new adventures...

I hate endings though. I know it's just a season, but I know how busy my life gets with work (which I wouldn't change). It's just change of any kind brings me a sense of sadness because I always view it as a season of my life that i'll never get back....and what a great season this has been. It's just been so nice to have space and time to be with my thoughts/feelings/family/friends. I'm trying to make an effort to balance work and my social life this year. I can do both. Last year I know I turned into a hermit crab sometimes because I thought that was the responsible thing to do. I hope that little pattern doesn't happen, I want to be responsible, but I want to remain feeling this close to the people I care so much about. I do love me some fall though. :)

Maybe endings are good, new beginnings are always fun. Cheers to new adventures and new memories to be made.

Anyways, I am going to get some sleep.

<3 Love you all forever. :)

I promise you this, I'll always look out for you.